3D Mobile Salon Bus DESIGN PROGRAM


You will now be able to go to the internet to our Online 3D Shuttle Bus Graphic Designer! You and our Team of Architects and Graphic Designers will work together to create and design the perfect Look & Layout for your Custom Mobile Salon Bus!

You get to choose the Bus Model and Size you want for your Mobile Salon Bus Business, whatever works for you: (1, 2, 4, 6, or even up to a 10 Station Mobile Salon Bus from FORD or CHEVY and 14-15 Passenger and Up).

You get to choose the Color Scheme and Theme of your Custom Mobile Salon (additional fees may apply): (Elegant Modern, Hi-Tech, Old Western, Fantasy Paradise, and Much More).

You get to choose the Decor and Additions to your Custom Mobile Salon: (Floor Tiles, Flat Screen TVs, Workstations, Styling Chairs, Shampoo Bowls, Hair Dryers, Lounge Area, Lighting and much more)

You ALSO get to choose the Outside Vehicle Wrap Designed with your Salon Name and Artwork! We will work with you to design the best layout and most Eye-Popping graphic design to print on the outside of your Custom Mobile Salon Bus.

There are LIMITED OPENING so Sign-Up Now to get started working on a Mobile Salon Bus before they are all Gone!