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About the instructor

Thank you for taking the time to take this course. You will be instructed by the Owner "Mr. Hair Art" - Ronnie Mac. Mr. Mac and his team of Professional Hair Artist & Mobile Salon Operators/Instructors created this course, as well as, the lessons inside. You will be able to take advantage of top-notch skills and expertise in multiple areas of business. With over 25 years of experience in the Barber & Beauty Industry, Mr. Mac will show you how to be truly successful in this New world of MOBILE Barber & Beauty.

(What's Up all you “ARTIST” out there! My name is Ronnie Mac. I’m the Owner of the Shops & Salons NETWORK, the Hair Art NETWORK, and the new Mobile Salon NETWORK. You guys know me as Mr. Hair Art! Thank You All for your Attention and don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to get all the NEW NEWS and INFORMED INFO on everything Hair Art & everything MOBILE! We are changing the GAME! Check out our Online Store at and remember our Motto: RESPECT YOURSELF; IMAGE IS EVERYTHING!)

Course Description

This Mobile Salon SCHOOL is the first and only Online School for Mobile Salons. This course will teach, train and certify Barbers & Stylist who want to get into the Mobile Salon business. Complete this Course, Design your Bus, Print out your Business Plan, and get your Mobile Salon Business FUNDED!

This Mobile Salon ONLINE SCHOOL is like No other in the World. We have put this online course together for one reason… To improve by advancing the entire Barber & Beauty Industry as a whole. This course has many different sections and parts to it but the most important parts are defined below:

MOBILE SALON SCHOOL Questions & Answers:

*How long does it take to go through and finish the online Mobile Salon SCHOOL?
The completion of this course depends on your due diligence and how serious you are about finishing. This course is scheduled and time out to be around 70 hours worth of material. This means it would take a normal person who is working with diligence about one week to complete.
*How much does a Mobile Salon Bus cost?
The price for a Custom Mobile Salon Bus will differ depending on which bus layout you select. It can range anywhere from $75,000 or $80,000 all the way up to and passed $100,000 depending on how much customization is required and how many items you want to have installed in your Mobile Salon Bus.
*How does the Mobile Salon financing work?
The first thing about Mobile Salon financing is this online course. No applications for mobile Salon Bus financing will be accepted or processed until this Online Mobile Salon School course is completed and a certificate is received. The mobile Salon bus operator certification is used in your application for financing because it shows that you have completed the course and educated yourself about the mobile Salon business. This is one of the main things that financing institutions, as well as our investors, are looking for.
*After I complete this course, how long will it take to receive my Mobile Salon Bus?
Once you complete the Online Mobile Salon SCHOOL you will have all the equipment you need to go out and perkier funding for your Mobile Salon Bus. Then you bring those funds back to us to start working on your Mobile Salon Bus. At that point, it normally takes anywhere from 30 to 90 Days to complete a Mobile Salon Bus customization job.
*How do we go from Mobile Salon Bus Operator to Mobile Salon Franchisor?
The first step is completing this Online Mobile Salon School to receive a Mobile Salon Bus Operator Certification. Once you are certified you are able to go out and get funding using the custom business plan that you will be creating in this course. Or, you will be funded by one of our sponsors once you enroll and complete the $5,000 Mobile Salon Franchise Program.
*What type of vehicles do you use to convert into Mobile Salon Buses?
We use a wide variety of vehicles but the ones that we found to be the safest and most usable when it comes to quality are: Ford, Chevrolet, Mercedes Sprinter Vans
*Can you convert a vehicle I have or can bring you?
In most cases, we do not take in customer vehicles and make alterations to them. For Insurance and Liability reasons, we are not allowed to make changes to your vehicles. If something goes wrong or is broken or damaged then we would be liable. But the biggest reason we do not take in vehicles we did not source and purchase our selves is that we would not be able to insure nor certify that vehicle as 100% Guaranteed and up to our quality or standards.
*Can you help me with licensing in my state?
In this course, you will learn the basics of what your state rules and regulations for licensing are and what they require. We only assist Franchisee Owners with Licensing & Permits, Appointment Scheduling, Insurance, Gas, Credit Card Processing and many other needs and requirements. All of our Franchise Owners receive direct assistance with city and state licensing requirements as well as the Mobile Salon NETWORK for ongoing assistance and support.
*Do you sell used vehicles?
We, unfortunately, do not sell used vehicles for the Mobile Salon conversions. The amount invested into a conversion would be compromised if we use and used vehicles plus our warranties would not extend to used vehicles. Also if the used vehicle breaks down your entire business will be down and prevent you from making more money.
*Do you have financing?
We are ONLY able to offer the option to apply for In-House Financing and our Sponsor Financing Program for students who successfully complete the Mobile Salon School.
*What if I have bad credit?
Financing can be found in a variety of ways that don’t necessarily depend on credit. Once you finish the Mobile Salon School Course, you will be supplied with the knowledge to run a successful Mobile Salon Business as well as a 3D Design of your Mobile Salon Bus, a Mobile Salon Operator Certification Certificate, and a Mobile Salon Business Plan that you can take to investors, family, and friends to raise the capital to pay for your own Mobile Salon Bus. You will also be able to apply for one of our financing programs once you complete the Mobile Salon School Course.
*How much do I have to pay down?
Down Payments depend on how you finance your Mobile Salon Business. Banks typically are looking for 10 - 50% down. This means, for a $100,000 at 50% you will have to come up with $50,000 as a Down Payment. But if you qualify for our In-House Financing Franchise Program, the down payment is now a $5,000 Enrollment Fee into our Franchise Program. If you work with an Investor, they may or may not require a down payment.
*Can I finance the $995 Mobile Salon School Course?
We do not offer financing or payment plans for the course, however, you are able to set up a FREE account on our Barber & Beauty Industry CrowdFunding website @ You can now run a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds with the help of family, friends, and clients.
*What all comes with the price?
Prices vary with the size and type of vehicle you pick generally. For example, a two station Mobile Salon costs $100,000 and includes the customization of the interior along with the outside wrap and all the technical design services and will be fully ready for business. This means everything from water tanks, electric generators, tile floors, flat screen t.v.’s and more come standard on a Mobile Salon Bus customization job. If you have additional design specifications that are outside of our standard options, those may increase your overall cost.

Course Contents

6 Videos
10 Quizzes
4 Surveys
1 Multimedia
7 Texts
6 PDFs
1 Disqus
2 Audios
3 Presentations
70.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Your Mobile Salon Bus TERRITORY (CHAPTER 9)